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Jewelry, shawls and wall object at de Ceuvel, Amsterdam

From 21th of Jult until the 12th of August my work is for sale at the Pop-up gallery at workship de Ceuvel,

De Ceuvel is a planned workplace for creative and social enterprises adjacent to the van Hasselt kanaal off the river IJ in Amsterdam North. The land was secured for a 10-year lease from the Municipality of Amsterdam after a group of initiators won a tender to turn the site into a regenerative urban oasis. The former industrial plot will be turned into the most unique and sustainable urban developments in Europe. The site, which is now heavily polluted, features imaginatively retrofitted houseboats placed around a winding wooden walkway and surrounded by an undulating landscape of soil-cleaning plants. Each of the upgraded boats houses offices, ateliers, or workshops for creative and social enterprises.

Address: Korte Papaverstraat 4, Amsterdam Noord

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