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'Pods' Selected for the Threads of tomorrow exhibition, Museu Textil

Updated: Mar 25

Originally founded in 2020 in São Paulo, Brazil, by curator Rodrigo Franzão and currently located in New Orleans, USA. The main objective of Museu Têxtil is to disseminate the work of creative minds who use textile strategies as support in their creations. Additionally, the institution aims to foster an environment conducive to research, production, and exhibition of this cultural manifestation and form of artistic expression. With this, Museu Têxtil is dedicated to promoting and valuing textile art, encouraging the creation of new works and the refinement of techniques and knowledge in this area.

The “Threads of Tomorrow” exhibition transcends the mere presentation of artworks; it is a journey that leads us from the past towards the future. With the participation of 69 contemporary artists from various parts of the world, this exhibition not only celebrates human creativity but also recognizes the importance of manual labor throughout history. The 148 exhibited works bear witness to the human capacity to transform natural fibers, simple materials, and textile ornaments into complex expressions of ideas and emotions, honoring the artisanal tradition that has brought us to this point.

  • Exhibition: Threads of Tomorrow

  • Date: April 1st - May 30th, 2024

  • Curatorship: Rodrigo Franzão

  • Panorama: 148 Artworks, 69 Artists, 29 Nationalities

Pods # 56893',
artisan felt
merino wool, thread, balls

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