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Aqua Ardens; water and fire exhibition

Updated: Mar 12

I am invited to participatie in 'Aqua Ardens' at NDSM Fuse - a group exhibition

with short looping experimental films, paintings and mixed media art in 3D on

the theme of water and fire. Artists from Brazil, Iran, Mongolia, Sweden and Amsterdam.

Aqua Ardens; water and fire

The interaction of humans in relation to nature seems out of balance when we look at the power of the elements on the earth today. How do artists nowadays work with water and fire? Is there always a link with ecological issues or are the works based on mythology or rituals? A group of artists conducted individual research. Erik Hobijn created a water fountain with fireballs dancing in it. He is currently working on a project about rising water levels. The balance in water works poetically, in the films of Rose Ansari and Felicia Konrad, but the destructive forces of water and fire are also depicted. There is a requiem about a tsunami and Sonja Cabalt made a group of islands that are constantly changing.

Artists: Rose Ansari, Anunaran J, Karin Balog, Gabi Brunhoso, Sonja Cabalt, Cecelia Chapman, Ben Dolphin, Nadia Gyr, Marie Hego, Erik Hobijn, Hanna Hrabarska, Isolde Kille, Felicia Konrad + Johan Haugen, Floor Meijers, Mouries Collective, Sander Newton, Madeline Olmer, Roberta Petzoldt, Saskia Pfaeltzer, Bernet Ragetli, Diogo Sanquetta, Studio Machii, Jacquie Maria Wessels, Zindzi Zwietering.

February 11 to March 3, open Thu to Sun 12:00 - 18:00.



NDSM-Plein 29



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