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Two installations shown at the Textile Biennial in Museum Rijswijk

Updated: Dec 27, 2021

I created Pods #98658 especially for the exhibition Food for thougt in Museum Rijswijk this year, consisting of a huge tidal wave of black seed capsules entwined in a web of felt and threads. The stream seems to come out of the ceiling in the middle of the room. When you get closer, you will hear smacking, chewing and gnawing sounds coming from the installation. I have made use of the rich archive of sound recordings from the BBC, especially of animals.

The abundance of seed production refers to the unbridled urge to produce food and at the same time to the indulgence of its consumption. The blackness of the installation combined with the sounds give us a disturbing feeling and that is exactly what I want to give to the viewer. The abundance of food - never empty shelves, everything is available all year round - should not be taken for granted, rather disturbing. It is important to ask whether the earth can handle our economic system?

The second installation 'Pod cloud' is a series of bizarrely shaped brightly coloured growths and organic shapes, consisting of seed bulbs that grow, expand or seem to die in all kinds of ways, evoking the fragility of our environment.

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