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From 2nd of November until February 16th solo exhibition in Museum het Leids Wevershuis

This authentic Weaver House was built about 1560, in the heyday of the Leiden textile industry. Many features from the 16th and 17th centuries have been preserved.

The interior of the Weaver House takes the visitor back into the 19th century, into the living condition or ordinary people. The front room recreates the workplace of the home weavers. In corridor, a mural lists the names the residents (weavers and others) from 1561.

During opening hours, the antique loom (1830) is nearly always in operation. The shop offers a small collection of handmade products for sale.

Address: Middelstegracht 143 2312 TV Leiden, open Tuesday-Sunday 13.00-16.00 During my exhibition a series of concerts and lectures are free to visit, connected to the history of the house and worker culture.

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